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Zempylas, Vrahimis & Co.


We are excited to announce the completion of Partnership between the Certified Public Accounting firm F. Zempylas Associates Ltd, the approved Audit Firm FZ Audit Ltd and Flexi Group of Companies (Flexi Consultants (Cyprus) Ltd, Flexi (Trustees) Ltd, Flexi (Nominees) Ltd, Flexi (Secretarial) Ltd, Flexi Overseas Ltd) along with the newly established company Inspirante Professional Training.


Zempylas, Vrahimis & Co (“ZV”)


With more than 30 years of combined experience in the international business sector, the Partners have set their sights on becoming/have set the target to become one of the major Professional Service Providers in Europe and Asia.


“Great things in business are never done by one person, they’re done by a team of people”

Steve Jobs


Our collective experience spans the areas of Corporate & Administrative Services, Assurance & Advisory, Fund Administration, Tax Advisory, Corporate Governance, Financial Services, Private Wealth Services, Insolvency Services, Compliance and Professional Training.


As a result of our outstanding performance and reputation, we have successfully serviced and built strong relationships with Multinational Organizations, Banks, Shipping Companies, Financial Institutions, Real Estate Companies and High Net Worth Individuals around the world.


“Today we are celebrating a milestone as we formally amalgamate two leading fiduciary and audit & advisory firms in a powerful partnership,” - Joseph Vrahimis, Chairman of Flexi Group. “Under the “ZV” umbrella, we will draw on our collective capabilities and experiences to strategically position this partnership, stand at the forefront of technology/technology usage and deliver the proven effectiveness of advisory, audit and professional training.”


“This isn’t about capturing synergies – it’s about unlocking opportunities.” - Frixos Zempylas, founder of FZ Audit Ltd and

F. Zempylas Associates Ltd.


“Our employees will benefit from many opportunities brought about by this Partnership and its service offering expansion (in related professional sectors). We pay great attention to sharing and pooling knowledge and we are always eager to offer our consultants excellent career opportunities and professional training. Our clients will enjoy an even greater variety of value adding services “COMING TOGETHER IS A BEGINNING, KEEPING TOGETHER IS PROGRESS, WORKING TOGETHER IS SUCCESS”

     Henry Ford

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