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i-learning FFNFP (Finance for Non-Financial Professionals)

For Managers, Analysts, Executives and Financial Decision-Makers who have little knowledge and/or experience with Finance but who nonetheless are involved with finances, budgeting, reporting, financial statement analysis, investment management, internal audit and banking.


i-learning FFNFP delivers motivating, bite-size training through four Modules (8 CPD credit hours per Module) to ensure that by the end of the course participants:


  • Know how certain decisions impact the organisation’s financial statements

  • Understand and participate in financial conversations and current events

  • Easily interpret financial statements

  • Assess alternative investment opportunities, discount rates, cash flows, etc.

  • Use hedging techniques, including derivatives and exotic instruments

  • Control the budgeting process and the spectrum of budgeting tools at their disposal

Full Control of Training by Line Managers and HR


Line Managers and HR can benefit from the unique HR Application. The HR Application equips nominated Line Managers and HR with full control of the training process:


  • Centralised administration: real-time information on participants’ progress

  • Instant access to progress/status reports, certificates, and to tutors via messaging system

  • Control costs and quality: pay only as participants progress through the course

  • Set and manage deadlines: complete flexibility to fit your company’s schedule

  • Year-round training: training season is on whenever you want it!


Ask us about our corporate rates – we are happy to help!

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